Drone Cowboys

Drone Cowboys

Honestly, how does anyone think it is a good idea to fly near Superbowl stadium this weekend?

The FBI and other law enforcement agencies are arresting people caught flying near the stadium. Check out the details in this Associated Press article.

I doubt that a licensed pilot would attempt such a flight, and if they did, they deserve to have their license taken away.

When the desire to get that great shot for your YouTube channel overrides good judgement you give those of us licensed pilots who fly legally, responsibly and ethically a bad name.

I rarely fly a mission these days without being hassled by a citizen worried about their privacy, or law enforcement asking who authorized the flight.

I've even been threatened by an armed man who was going to shoot down my drone because I was "close" to his property.

The people who make these unlawful flights have caused a public relations nightmare for the entire industry.



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